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Hailing from Alaska’s capital city of Juneau, the Zahasky family, also recognized internationally as the Alaska String Band, brings the best of Americana music. This dynamic five member family band makes their home on the last frontier and is the subject of much curiosity and inspiration for all those who happen to be fortunate to see one of their shows. When not out recreating in the magnificent wilderness setting of their remote home town which can only be visited by either boat or plane (there are no roads to access Juneau, Alaska) this family occupies itself by entertaining visitors on board cruise ships in Alaskan waters and at the Chilkat Theatre among the alpine slopes of a mountain top destination during the Alaskan summer months. On board a forty-foot bus, the Alaska String Band ventures further abroad and is quickly gaining an enthusiastic following in the lower forty-eight states as it tours nationally each fall and early winter bringing its extraordinary music and fascinating Southeast Alaska Odyssey show to thousands.

Our Southeast Alaskan Odyssey film has been chosen to be aired on PBS this winter. Watch your local PBS station for showtimes.


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